For Sale By Owner

Are You Selling Your Home on Your Own?

Real estate is no exception when it comes to people's desire to purchase items from the comfort of their own home. Real estate insiders estimate that more than 80% of all home buyers begin their search for a home online?

Selling a home without the proper advertising can be difficult, especially in today's market. With tens of thousands of homes on the market and most likely several homes within your own housing development, how do you get buyers to consider your home?

How do you know what price you should be asking so that your home does not remain on the market forever, but assures you that you received a good deal?

We have a program that lets you sell your home by yourself while you have it listed with us. We only get paid if we sell it!!! That is free advertising!!!!

Let Deluxe Realty help you make these important decisions, even if you still choose to sell your home on your own. Our agents can provide you with a market analysis at no cost to you. That's right - it's FREE!

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